Product Overviews:

1.Product Introduction

Product Description Product Type Product Properties
Thin wall thermoplastic elastomer insulated cable TWE Thermoplastic elastomer insulation
 Thin wall thermoplastic insulated cable TWP PVC insulation, thin wall
 Reinforced thermoplastic insulated cable HDT Thick thermoplastic PVC
Thin wall XLPO insulated cable TXL Thin wall & excellent heat resistance
General thermoplastic insulated cable GPT General cable
 XLPO insulated cable GXL Good resistance to chemicals and heat
XLPO insulated cable for special purpose SXL Good resistance to chemicals and heat

2  Reference Standard:

SAE J1128-2000 & Company Standard

3  Properties

Conductor: Stranded bare cooper or tinned copper (It conforms to ASTM standard.)

Insulation: All of the materials conform to RoHS and Reach.