5-conductor and 10-conductor low-noise cables break through the difficulty of noise and produce stably

Today’s measurement and control technology has reached a very high level, which can detect a lot of signals and is very weak, which is far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Modern signal measurement and control technology mainly consists of three parts: high sensitive sensor, high gain signal amplifier and high-performance low noise cable. Low noise cable is mainly used for the detection of weak signals, which must have a technical state suitable for this and high performance indicators, but in the field of medical testing, the overall technology of low noise cables will lag behind the other two categories. In order to make a breakthrough in the medical detection industry, the R & D team of Alliance conducted in-depth research on the causes of cable noise, increased the development efforts from the analysis of the causes of noise, started hundreds of tests by adjusting the cables specifications and processes, and finally made a breakthrough in the research of ECG cable noise, perfectly reducing the noise of 5-conductor and 10-conductor to below 50uv, completing a qualitative leap. Welcome partners to consult and cooperate. Alliance R & D team will continue to forge ahead, actively develop and produce all kinds of new low-noise cables to meet the diversified needs of the times.